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Indoors we install steam rooms and saunas

Over the years we have accumulated a lot of theoretical and practical experience to improve our skills. We rely on the Finnish methodology for designing and installing saunas, and we work in accordance with building and fire safety regulations. That is why we are confident that we will offer solutions that will best meet your expectations in the sauna, will be reliable and safe. We guarantee quality on all the work performed.

Cost of a typical sauna: from 9500 to 13500 CHF

    Steam room, sauna for 3-5 days

A steam room is the most important room of a bath, because there is no bath without a steam room. Traditionally, around this small room, additional spaces are designed for convenience, of which there can be quite a lot: a sink, a shower room, a rest room, a swimming pool, etc. A unique and attractive design can be developed for each bath room.

Currently, many people who have a suburban area, dream of a Russian bath. The main element in it is the steam room. Thanks to it, visiting the bath is considered as a useful and healing procedure.

Steam room, sauna for 3 days

Attributes of any steam room directly depends on its arrangement. This issue must be approached wisely. The preparation of the room can be divided into the following stages: thermal insulation, installation of the furnace and finishing of the steam room.

Thermal insulation depends on the material from which the bath is built. If it is a wooden blockhouse, then additional warming is not required. But because of its shrinkage, gaps appear between the logs over time. Therefore it is necessary to check it properly.

Steam room, sauna for 3 days

Masters in the construction of baths advise that you should not completely sheathe the clapboard inside the steam room, it is better to do only with the space above the shelves for the convenience of sitting on them. They motivate it by the fact that the tree is a living material and with good ventilation it dries itself, and any cladding will only delay the evaporation of moisture.

In modern construction of a bath it is considered that warming of the steam room is simply necessary. This is justified by the fact that the air temperature becomes higher and more stable.

First you need to choose the correct location of the steam room in the bath. The entrance to it must be from the washing compartment. If it is made from a waiting room, then the vestibule should connect them. The best form of the steam room is a square, in the corner of which the stove is closer to the entrance door.

Steam room, sauna for 3 days

Thermal insulation of the ceiling in the steam bath

For this purpose, it will take twice as much material as for a normal room for a thicker layer of insulation, since hot air and steam rise to the ceiling.

Step-by-step warming actions:

  • Cover the ceiling with overlapped roll paper.
  • Fix it with wooden bars with a side of 5 cm. A heater will be fixed between them.
  • Using monolithic foil and aluminum adhesive tape, glue all the ceiling segments so that there are no gaps left. This material will trap steam and condensate.
  • Fix thin bars from above the foil to provide ventilation ceiling.
  • Now you can proceed to the decoration, fastening it to the rails.

Thermal insulation of the walls of the steam room in the bath

Before proceeding to wall insulation, you must first smear all the gaps with sealant or apply plaster, and then wait for it to dry.

Here the principle of action is similar to working with the ceiling:

  • Fix the foil against the walls with wooden bars 40 mm thick in a horizontal position.
  • Fill the space between them with a compactor (penotherm) of the same thickness.
  • Carefully pull the foil from above, securing it with a construction stapler.
  • Use aluminum tape to isolate all butt joints.
  • Attach wooden bars to the top of the foil in a vertical position.
  • After proceeding start to the lining.

Usually, aspen or linden in the form of narrow slats are used for decorative plating (lining is well suited). To reduce the strain fix them better horizontally. On top of it is applied a special compound intended for rooms where the air temperature and humidity are high.

Waterproofing of the floor in the steam room of the bath

For concrete floor

  • A plywood sheet is attached to the subfloor.
  • Above is placed a hydrosol, the edges of which are attached to the wall and fastened with aluminum tape.
  • Insulate the gaps with building hairdryer.
  • Then the reinforced mesh is laid and the concrete solution is poured.
  • After it dries, the floor tile lays down.

For wooden floor

  • First, a layer of mineral wool about 15 cm thick is attached under the lags.
  • At the top it is necessary to fix the ruberoid.
  • Then it is important to process the wooden surfaces with antiseptic. This is necessary in order that they rot and spontaneous combustion does not occur.
  • A rough floor creeps over the ruberoid and is lined with clapboard.

Stove installation

  • The heart of each bath is the stove, as it heats the air to a certain temperature. And with the help of stones in a special tank, steam is formed.

People who love to visit the Russian bath, believe that the stove must be purchased from trusted manufacturers, as it forms a more comfortable environment in the room.

  Choosing a stove from a huge range on the modern market, you have to take into account the volume and power for which it is designed. With the right choice of the stove, the necessary conditions in the steam room are provided.

For ventilation it is useless to install a window or make a hole out in the steam room itself, because fresh air cannot enter the room due to the hot stove. It is better to use a washing compartment or a dressing room for this purpose. And to ventilate the steam room, it is better to open the door, or use forced air supply to the stove zone.

With proper use of the steam room, its service life will be long, and the effect of bath procedures is healing. To do this, you need to follow these rules: use only environmentally friendly materials for warming and finishing the room, and leaving the steam room, you have to take all the water to ensure dryness so that the walls do not rot and the fungus does not start.

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